Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Releases Staking Platform Allowing Passive Income For $LONIA Holders

User playable NFT clans are expected to be launched by late 2022 for Cardalonia Blockchain, a Cardano Metaverse project that has announced its staking platform’s debut. Cardano’s virtual world players, own, and modify their Metaverse experiences on the Cardano Blockchain platform when the Cardalonia platform is fully developed. It is now possible to stake $Lonia. As a passive income, one may earn up to 25% APR by staking their tokens. As long as they keep staking their $Lonia, their asset’s worth will rise.

The flexible staking vault for Cardalonia was recently launched by the project’s developers. Early pre-sale land tickets, DAO governance, and compounded monthly prizes are available to token holders who stake their $LONIA in the vault. In order to access the Cardalonia platform, one will need the $Lonia token. The ability to purchase Land and other in-game assets is referred to as “access.”

The Cardano Stake Pools’ auto-compounding and customizable staking protocols also apply here. Staking $LONIA tokens allows earning up to 20% annual interest as a passive income on a recurring basis. The Lonia token sale allows anyone to purchase $LONIA before listing on any exchanges. Token holders will be the only ones able to vote on governance matters. $Lonia tokens are used to buy Land in Cardalonia to have fun playing the game and advance at the same time. A landowner may freely deploy their Avatar and other resources to the Land.

Creating NFTs and reaping the rewards of one’s hard work is possible in Cardalonia, a fascinating metaverse. There will be immersive and compelling experiences for all Cardalonia metaverse participants. Each player’s virtual persona will have the ability to converse with others. Human-like experiences will also be appealing to players.

Cardalonia will eventually transform into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that makes choices about the project’s future. In Cardalonia, there is a considerable measure of decentralization. NFTs symbolize everything in the game. In other words, anyone may make money by buying, selling, or trading assets.


  • 1 ADA = 13 $LONIA Tokens
  • Sales duration= 6 Epochs
  • Seed sales allocation: 15,000,000 tokens
  • Minimum buy: 250 ADA

Anyone may generate money as an entrepreneur in Cardalonia. The platform offers two options for creators to generate revenue: The first option is to create game assets signed by NFTs and then sell them on the marketplace for profit. In addition to purchasing land, one may create a metaverse on it, lease it out to generate rental income, or develop the region independently.

Interested parties may purchase Lonia tokens at the lowest possible cost by visiting the token sale website at

Disclaimer: The information presented in the above article is for informational purposes only. It is not investment advice. Please do your own research before investing in any crypto asset.

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