GO in the Know: Healthcare Debt, Gas Prices & Top Financial News for June 20

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It doesn’t seem like it, but today is the last official day of the spring season. So if you still need to get your spring cleaning done, well, the clock is ticking. Don’t forget to catch up on today’s top financial stories first, though.

The Big Lead: Americans Struggling With Healthcare Debt

A new survey found that more than 100 million Americans are saddled with healthcare debt. That figure includes 41% of US adults. Why is that?

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Economy Spotlight: Gas Prices Fall Below $5

American drivers hoping for some relief at the gas pump have received a confirmation that things have the capacity to get better, if only slightly. Regular gas prices have been declining for about a week after topping $5, and the current average price of regular-grade gas rests at $4.981 Monday.

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Be Aware: LinkedIn Crypto Fraud

According to the FBI, fraudsters using LinkedIn to lure and steal money from consumers via cryptocurrency investments pose a “significant threat” to both the platform and its users alike.

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Bonus: 5 Quick Facts Gen Z Needs To Know About Bear Markets

The bear market that arrived on Wall Street last week carries different challenges for different investors, with younger folks generally better equipped to weather it because they have more time to wait for the rebound. That doesn’t mean Gen Z Investors should wave it off as no big deal, however.

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