Top 12 Metaverse Coins to Pay Attention to this July


The metaverse sector is rapidly growing, which has been the case for the last 9 months. Not only did the existing projects blow up and become highly developed, but new ones keep coming out, as well. A lot of metaverse-based projects are actually gaming projectswhich use the metaverse to create vast and rich gaming worlds.

Well, after months and months of development, they started offering footage of what these worlds look like right now, and while many of them are still not available for playing their games, the things that we are seeing are highly encouraging. Other metaverses are other kinds of breakthroughs, they are strengthening their security, adding new features and use cases, and more, all of which is promising a rich and very successful future for them, as well as those who invest in them.

With that said, we have decided to compile a list of the top 12 best metaverse projects available right now for you to check out and keep an eye on in July 2022. Without further delay, here is what we have to recommend.

1. Axie Infinity

Let’s start off with Axie Infinity — the crypto industry’s largest metaverse game. The game lets you buy unique creatures called Axies, which you can then upgrade with over 500 body parts, breed to create new ones that you can sell, or simply keep and use yourself. The goal is to use your Axies to defeat other players and their creatures, and for each victory, you get rewarded with AXS tokens.

Each Axie is unique, and thanks to the fact that it comes in the form of an NFT, you are their true owner for as long as you don’t sell the token. The game is very much like old Pokemon games, which is likely why it became as popular as it did.

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2. Render Token

In the second spot, we have a Render token, which is a distributed GPU rendering network. While this is not exactly a metaverse project itself, it is a project that can connect artists and studios in need of GPU compute power with mining partners willing to rent their GPU capabilities and create content for the metaverses.

It is more of a technical project, but even so, crucial for the development of VR and AR environments.

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3. Decentraland

Next, we have Decentraland as our third entry. This is probably the oldest metaverse project in the industry, and it uses its digital world to offer users to purchase their own digital plots of land. Once they purchase their land, which comes in the form of NFTs, they are its sole owner. That means that they can do whatever they want with it. They can choose to rent it to others and receive monthly payments in return, or build any kind of software, develop games, start a digital business, or even use it as a meeting spot and organize virtual events. Decentraland is the largest metaverse project out there, and one of the most developed ones to date.

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4. The Sandbox

In the fourth spot, we have The Sandbox. This is a gaming project but it is nothing like Axie Infinity. The Sandbox aims to empower its community to build games and offer access to them to other members of the community. Essentially, it wants to allow users to express themselves by granting them development tools and a platform on which they can build their games.

Right now, The Sandbox even has a contest that will run until the middle of July where users can develop their own games and submit them, with rewards for the first 10 places.

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5. Illuvium

Next up, we have Illuvium. This is a metaverse game that is considered to be the first AAA title on Ethereum. The project offers a vast world split into different areas, all of which are inhabited by creatures called Illuvials. Players can capture these creatures by defeating them in battle. After that, they can nurse them back to health and then use them in PVP battles to win against other players and gain valuable rewards.

It is an open-world game with elements of exploration PVP, and more, and the goal is to build a team of powerful beasts that will make you unstoppable.

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6. MyNeighborAlice

Halfway down the list, we have a project called MyNeighborAlice. This is also a game, but this one was inspired by a popular game called Animal Crossing. Just like in Animal Crossing, players get their own island, which they purchase in the form of NFTs.

After that, they can collect resources and build new items, decorate their island, and alike. It is a relaxing game that allows you to earn through contests and daily tasks. However, you can also use it simply to meet new people and make new friends online.

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7. UFO Gaming

The seventh on our list is UFO Gaming. This is a decentralized gaming platform featuring Play-To-Earn elements, non-fungible tokens, DeFi functionalities such as staling, and more. The platform is planning to release a number of games, with the first one being out already. It is called Super Galactic, and it is an RPG/arcade action game that features its own NFT collection.

UFO Gaming is an Ethereum-based platform, which allows it to integrate its game with Immutable X, which is Ethereum’s scaling solution that allows UFO Gaming to avoid all Ethereum-related issues such as slow transactions and high gas cost.

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8. Ultra

Moving on, we have Ultra — a publishing platform and ecosystem meant for video games and video game content. The platform has noticed that companies like Steam are holding a monopoly in the video game industry, where players are forced to get their games through such firms and their apps. Furthermore, all the content that they purchase is not really theirs, as it can easily be taken from them.

So, Ultra came up with its own platform where developers can create games, make them immediately playable, and even allow players to earn from them. And, anything that players buy, through NFTs or otherwise, is theirs.

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9. Vulcan Forged PYR

In the ninth spot, we have Vulcan Forged PYR, which is a blockchain game studio and NFT marketplace. The project is also the creator of its own metaverse, called VulcanVerse. It uses its native token PYR to allow users to pay fees, engage in staking, upgrade and sustain game asset levels, earn rewards for playing, and more.

The platform includes several services in its metaverse, including VulcanVerse, which is the game itself; Anvil — a crypto-less and gas-less NFT engine; Vulcan Market — a gas-free NFT marketplace; Berserk — an NFT online TGG; and Frenzy — a tournament platform where players can get creative and make their own products.

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10. Alien Worlds

The tenth on our list is Alien Worlds — a decentralized, NFT-based metaverse where players have to compete for scarce resources of Trilium (TLM). The game features multiple worlds where each world is a separate DAO. Players can become members of one or more DAOs, take on roles in their new societies, and even rise to the rank of leadership.

Alien Worlds has seen an exponential rise in popularity, it allows players to earn money through gameplay and participation in DAOs, and mine in the game, which grants them the native token, TLM.

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11. Ertha

Nearing the end of the list, we have Ertha. This is a project that features a metaverse that offers a replica of planet Earth. The planet is split into 350,000 equal territories called HEXes, and these little plots of land are all available for purchase in the form of NFTs. Depending on where the HEX you purchased is located, you may be a part of a country where you can take on a specific role and contribute to its growth and development.

The project is still young, and it is still enabling new countries and adding new HEXes for sale, but it has attracted a lot of attention and it has seen quite a lot of popularity.

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12. Metahero

Finally, we have Metahero, which is a deflationary real utility token that uses an ultra-realistic 3D tech to create 3D avatars and virtual objects that can be used anywhere on the internet, from social media to in-game worlds, in fashion, art , and even medicine.

The project’s goal is to help push crypto adoption by catalyzing our evolution into a parallel digital universe. It also promotes the idea of ​​met scanning, which is the realistic scanning and transformation of real-life objects into digital avatars within the metaverse.

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As you can see, the number of metaverses is already huge, and many of them have gotten quite deep into their development. Each of these has something unique to offer, and most of them feature some kind of an ability to let you earn or benefit in some other way from using them, which is why the hypo surrounding these projects has been quite high, and we can’ t wait to see what else will they come up with in months and years to come.

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