Not Cardano, Ethereum or Litecoin but outflows were solely focused on…

The ongoing cryptocurrency market has continued to witness major liquidations. Following a $24 billion decline on 26 June, the total crypto market cap slipped by $9.17 billion on 27 June. At press time, the total liquidations over the last day stood at $137 million. It was down from $145 million as compared to 27 June.

Catching the first train out

This certainly seems to be the case with cryptocurrency holders as highlighted in the latest Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly report. CoinShares noted that digital asset investment products suffered over $420 million in outflows last week. In fact, this has been the largest since records began by a wide margin as depicted here.

Source: CoinShares

In terms of assets under management (AUM), last week’s outflows were the third-largest on record, representing 1.2% of the entire AUM of all funds that CoinShares tracks. The worst was outflows of 1.6% recorded during the 2018 bear market.

Geographically speaking, Canadian investors offloaded around $487.5 million worth of digital asset products last week. Importantly, United States-based investors accounted for more than half of the inflows with $41 million.

Moving, the void remains too big to close and even the king coin suffered the repercussions.

“The outflows occurred on 17th June but were reflected in last week’s figures due to trade reporting lags, and likely responsible for Bitcoin’s decline to $17,760 that weekend.”

Exodus #101

Bitcoin [BTC] led the exodus charge as outflows focused on Bitcoin. The king coin saw net outflows for the week totaling $453 million, erasing almost all inflows year-to-date and leaving total Bitcoin AuM at $24.5 billion, the lowest point since the beginning of 2021.

Source: CoinShares

Apart from Bitcoin, other assets including Ethereum [ETH] ($10.9 million), Short Bitcoin ($15.3 million), Cardano [ADA] ($0.8 million), Tron [TRX] ($0.1 million), Polkadot [DOT] ($0.2 million), and other assets ($2.9 million) reported total inflows of $30 million last week. Overall, the result in net outflows reached a total of $423 million.

In addition, providers’ flow painted a similar picture as well. Stripping out the $493 million outflows reveals that other providers saw aggregate inflows totaling $70 million.

The withdrawals came from the Purpose Bitcoin ETF that stood at an amount equal to about 24,510 BTC. Furthermore, it is also likely that these enormous outflows are caused by a forced seller, thus leading to a huge liquidation.

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