Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi joins Web3 art tech startup Artfi<br/><br/>


Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi
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The world is moving towards Web3 and Metaverse. And traditional businesses are marking their presence in the world of Web3.

Artfi has built a strong team of advisers, investors and supporters. In the recent tweet, Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi, a member of the ruling family of Sharjah, has announced her association with Artfi. She has joined Artfi as a partner and adviser to help the project in growth and scale. Sharjah is the capital of Art in the UAE, Sheikha Hend has great exposure to art and culture, she is an artist and an art patron herself and has been supporting and promoting artists from the MENA region.

In a recent conversation with Asif Kamal, the founder and CEO of Artfi, he mentioned that Web3 is new and for any startup that is building a project on Web3 needs to understand the power of the right partnership and collaboration. He added the market is in a bad phase and it’s a great opportunity for the founders to build a product, focus on community building, marketing and collaboration.

Artfi is the fastest-growing community of artists, art connoisseurs, and art investors on a mission to democratize art ownership through blockchain & NFTs.

Out of all the major concepts of blockchain, NFTs are have been the most popular in the past one year. The narrative towards digital art has changed and with proof of ownership that comes with this technology, it has given a meaningful outcome to all the digital artists, but what is still not explored is the use cases of NFTs and its implementation in the IRL product and asset.

Art is the world’s largest asset class and the major issue with this asset class is the barrier for the new age investors due to its high ticket size, long holding period, dependencies on the art experts and galleries. Due to these barriers, the world’s greatest art pieces have been a privilege enjoyed by a select few.

This changes with Artfi. The team at Artfi are building a platform for investment in the fine arts for buying & selling fractionalise ownership as NFTs representing an investment in iconic blue-chip artworks of the world-famous artists.

In a statement from the company, they mentioned their recent events, Artfi did their public introduction on 23rd June at Infinity Des Lumieres – a digital art center and museum at the Dubai Mall. Their first public introduction was done in Delhi at Alturaash Art, an art gallery in the capital of India on 25th April. The company is going to start whitelisting for its first Fine Art NFT offering in July.

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