Paris Hilton on the metaverse, NFTs, Web3 and more

Some projects are uniting fans and artists and it’s pretty cool the way that audiences are being pulled into the creation process as well.

Yeah, I think those are the NFTs that are gonna succeed. I think in the beginning it was more about, like, the art—it still is the art. I think digital art is so much sicker than just like a normal painting because it moves and it’s 3D and has music. I have, like, screens all over my house. It looks like something out of “The Jetsons.” I’m obsessed. What was I saying? I get so ADD that my mind starts thinking about a million things at once.

We’re talking about audiences joining the creation process.

Yeah. And I love how people are literally building this. There’s, like, eight year olds who are coding and, like, building worlds.

We’ve seen a lot of NFT projects from brands—some that are hits and a lot that are misses. What is your advice for brands looking to get into the space and get it right?

Just doing it and in, like, an authentic, organic way—this is how this community is. They can tell when someone’s coming in—like, some celebrities that come in for these money grabs and just don’t care about the community, and it’s obvious what they’re doing. And if a brand is, like, too obvious about it, it just turns consumers off.

There’s a lot of excitement, but a lot still to figure out, like conversations around sustainability and market health. Where do you see us moving next and how do we get to the full, dream metaverse that we’ve been talking about?

I think we’re still so early. So I think that [it’s] just about getting ready for this, and you don’t want to be left behind. I always like to be first or like very, very early because that’s just how I am, and I just go for things in life that I have a feeling about. So I feel like it’s all about just really just going in there and seeing it for yourself and not being afraid of it. Some people have, like, this certain [mindset], just like in Web2 when that started—people really were like, “Oh, what is social media? What is this? What is that?” And it’s, like, revolutionized so many different verticals and areas of life and this is going to be the next iteration of that.

It’s coming no matter what. So it’s good for people to just, like, stay up with the times.

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