To Infinity and Beyond: The Growth of KaraStar

To Infinity and Beyond: The Growth of KaraStar

NY, NY, USA, June 27, 2022 / — KaraStar is one of the most popular Play & Earn Metaverse games on GameFi 2.0-based ecosystem.

While DeFi and NFT marketplaces have garnered all the hype in crypto over the past couple of years, some might be surprised to learn that the most popular crypto application is actually a game!
KARASTAR, the development team behind it, worked for more than three years to create the most popular application in crypto.

But wait, just how popular is KaraStar?

KaraStar has already raised more than $10 million from IDG, Kucoin and Circle. In the past 7 months, Karastar reached a peak of 260,000 daily active users and 1.4 million ‘registered users. It has developed steadily since its publishing 7 months ago, and is about to ‘user in an explosion point.

KaraStar being listed on KuCoin in the extremely poor market environment on the last month, ranked No.1 in KuCoin’s new arriving listing, with the trading volume exceeding 10 million within 15 hours, and the currency price rising 274% in a single day, which is enough to show its quality.

*Incubated & Produced by a metaverse game publishing company headquartered in Singapore, KaraStar, 60+ Members in-house team, which has a large number of loyal players, and a rapid rise in popularity on social media.
Furthermore, growth in their social media has gone absolutely parabolic, making them one of the largest community servers across the world.

Where does the growth come from?
Interestingly, KaraStar has become a primary way to earn income for people in developing countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and others. KaraStar is an innovator in utilizing a new business model enabled by crypto: play and earn. They hope that users can not only gain more long-term value in the project, but also gain more fun in the game, rather than mechanically simple tasks driven by interests. Currently, users playing KaraStar can earn around $10 – 20 (recently closer to $30 – 50) a day in digital assets through playing the game. Users earn this money through the following methods: selling UMY on pancakeswap and selling KARA on kuoin.

The Universe of KaraStar

1. Different from the traditional game, the strategy of kara skill cards and the lineup can make more players get higher rewards in PVP and Land mode while experiencing the fun of the game.
2. Investors at different levels can have a strong interest chain. Most of the income for small investors comes from other whales rather than the income given by the project party, which can avoid selling pressure to a great extent.
3. The core of the Land mode is the mechanism of mutual plunder. Players can plunder the benefits of other players through their powerful karas in the land, which can promote the interaction and ecology of the whole game, enabling more players to improve their karas’ ability and increase the money consumption in the game for higher returns.
4. In the future, KaraStar will create the function of the game guild, which can make more players from various collectives, and even create their own country. Every collective and country will bind a huge amount of users to create a virtual world belonging to KaraStar. All players will have different divisions of labor here.

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