KaraStar 2.0: A Shining New Star in the Metaverse

KaraStar 2.0: A Shining New Star in the Metaverse

NY, USA, June 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — With its successful listing on KuCoin and the followers of its Twitter booming over 110,000, KaraStar 2.0, shines like a new star in the metaverse, illuminating its way ahead and inspiring the spirits of its investors. Whether it is the exploration of the P&E market or the launching of diversified events, KaraStar has been groping in a dark tunnel like a traveler and finally sees the light.

Dynamism of the P&E Market
By seeking balance between earning potential and the Ponzi scheme, KaraStar 2.0 has distinguished itself from traditional P2E games, and has constantly instilled dynamism to the GameFi market. Ponzi Scheme, referring to the investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new arrivals, resulting that earlier investors get all and newer players could not get their returns. This explains why traditional P2E games could not last long as they are unable to guarantee that new players would constantly join in, thus leading to the death spiral of Ponzi Scheme.

KaraStar 2.0, however, is characterized by Play and Earn, truly provides players with enjoyment and community of the game itself as well as revenue for investors. As a game committed itself to the long-term sustainable development, KaraStar not only focuses itself on the money-making prospect, but also has a strong interest chain of different-level investors, as most income for small investors comes from other whales rather than the income given by the project party. Moreover, the strategy of Kara skill cards and the lineup can make sure more players get higher rewards in PVP and Land Mode while experiencing the fun of the game, which could also be seen as a eminent point that differentiates itself from the traditional P2E game.

Diversity of Activities

For the purpose of celebrating the followers of Kara’s Twitter reaching a new record, diversified activities have been launched, hoping to improve gaming experience of Kara’s players.

The Land Carnival, should be mentioned in the first place, during which the leasing function would be available. Users can obtain profit by renting their own land or renting the land of other users. The rented land can produce KARA boxes without burning KARA NFT, while the tenants can participate in the plundering mode.

Besides, the update of the Land Mode has granted users with the right to obtain profits once they’ve obtained their own land. Therefore, they are not required to invest more on land to create KARA token any more.

In addition, the mystery box event, which would last to June 20th, is extremely friendly for new users. Granted with the opportunity to buy 3 mystery boxes using only 15 Kara, with 100% rebate within 28 days after the purchase, novel users could share the benefits and profits of the game at a relatively lower cost, which has significantly reduced the threshold of entry the game.

Achievements in the Exchange Market

After seven months’ efforts, Kara has been successfully listed on KuCoin in the extremely poor market environment, and ranks No.1 in KuCoin’s new arriving listing, with the trading volume exceeding 10 million within 15 hours, and the currency price rising 274% in a single day, which is enough to show the courage and the quality of the project.

The cooperation between Kara and KuCoin, which could be called as world premiere, is significantly marvelous, as KuCoin is the 6th largest crypto exchange with over 60 billion daily transaction volume.

With these achievements in the exchange market, it is clear enough why Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and other international mainstream financial media continue to follow and report news from KaraStar.

KaraStar 2.0, this shining new star in the metaverse, would never stop its step of further exploring the World of GameFi. Sure enough, the star would not only glisten the path of its own, but also the market of cryptocurrency.

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