Handyman claims ‘financial hardships’ prevented him from repaying $21,797 to Villager

Mark Dwayne Guemble

A handyman who has been jailed without bond is claiming his “financial hardships” have prevented him from repaying $21,797 to a Villager he ripped off years ago.

Mark Dwayne Guemble, 52, of Lady Lake, continues to be held without bond at the Sumter County Detention Center following his arrest on multiple probation violations.

Guemble had been ordered in 2017 to make restitution in the amount of $23,040 to a Villager after helping himself to the Navy veteran’s checkbook, which Guemble drained down to $4.33. When taken into custody, Guemble admitted having fraudulently cashed the victim’s checks, stating he stole them because he was experiencing financial difficulty.

He was convicted of multiple charges and placed on probation. He was also ordered to make restoration.

Guemble’s probation officer apparently tried to guide him into employment. Guemble was encouraged according to take part in a Department of Corrections job fair, to court records. He landed a job with the Quality Inn in Leesburg.

He still fell woefully behind in making the court-ordered restitution.

Guemble was sent a notice by his probation officer, reminding him how far behind he’d fallen in making restitution payments. He was told he needed to make a payment of no less than $3,732 before April 28. He didn’t make the payment and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Guemble complained that he was “having financial hardships and did not have the ability to pay.” It was the same argument he made at the time of his arrest years ago.

In 2020 during a random urine screen, Guemble tested positive for THC in his system. It was his second such probation violation, according to a letter from his probation officer.

Guemble was also convicted of ripping off a Villager in the Lake County section of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

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