GO in the Know: SNAP Rumor Debunked, Summer Job Scams Alert & Top Financial News for June 24

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It’s Friday, folks, and you know what to do. First, catch up on today’s top financial stories. Then, go enjoy the heck out of your weekend.

The Big Lead: Is This SNAP Rumor True?

If you’ve heard rumors about free tablets being provided by the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), don’t get your hopes up. While eligible households can receive deep discounts on tablets, there’s nothing on any official government website indicating that they’re free.

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Social Security Spotlight: Millennials Need To Save $21 a Week To Make Up for Program Cuts

If all signs point to Social Security funds being depleted by 2035 and its beneficiaries losing out on 20% of their promised benefits, those planning on retiring around that time will need to take necessary financial measures to ensure they are comfortable while living in retirement.

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Well That’s Interesting: Credit Card Holders Could Save Billions a Year

A move by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to crack down on credit card late fees could save consumers billions of dollars a year, but it might not happen for a while.

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Bonus: Protect Yourself From Summer Job Scams

Check out a list of the top red flags to look for as you start your job search this summer, and expert tips on how to avoid some of the most common scams.

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