SmartMedia Technologies Integrates with Solana to Launch the 'Outerverse': First Ever Metaverse Created for the Outdoors

‘Outverse’ to debut at 2022 NYC.NFT

ASPEN, Colo., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SmartMedia Technologies (SMT), the Enterprise Web3 platform the future is being built on, announced today at NFT.NYC the launch of Outside.ioa first-of-its-kind environmentally sustainable Creator NFT Market Place, in partnership with Outside Interactive.

To support the launch, SMT integrated with Solana, a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable and user-friendly apps. Solana’s custodial services are integrated into the SMT ‘Smart Wallet’, the Company’s proprietary NFT wallet that allows users to buy, trade and sell NFTs and digital objects across merchant marketplaces and blockchains. The Solana integrations follow SMT’s integration with CasperLabsannounced earlier this month. tapped SMT’s SmartMedia Labs to build and launch the community powered Bedrock Badge NFT, exclusively available in this anti-metaverse, the ‘Outerverse’. The marketplace is Carbon-Neutral and will give back a percentage of net revenue from NFT sales to a select group of non-profit organizations working on Sustainability and DEI.

As part of the ecosystem, consumers can access the Bedrock Badge NFT, which will enter them to win a prize from Grammy award-winning artist Jack Johnson. Bedrock Badge holders will also have first access to all future drops from Jack Johnson.

Johnson will also play a live set from Meet the Moonlight at the event in New York City on June 23 followed by a Q&A with National Geographic Explorer in Residence Wade Davis. Other events, taking place between June 22-23, 2022will include a solstice yoga practice in Times Square, immersive art exhibits at Wonder Fairand a guest panelist appearance at NFT.NYC by Outside CEO Robin Thurston.

The ecosystem will give collectors premiere access to events like outdoor film festivals, races, and concerts like the GoPro Games, Warren Miller Film Festival, and the inaugural Outside Festival in 2023. In addition, will provide access to one -of-a-kind art and stories from creators like world-renowned outdoor photographer, Chris Burkardclimber Sasha Digiulian and legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones.

“Our company was founded on the principle of working smarter so we can play harder – outdoors,” said Tyler Moebuis, CEO of SmartMedia Technologies. “We know crypto gets a bad rap on the environment, and we chose to partner with Solana because they are a low carbon-emitting blockchain. This project is the perfect confluence of bringing Web3 and people together outside in a sustainable and ecofriendly way.”

“We’re honored and excited to work with partners like SmartMedia Labs and Jack Johnson,” said Robin Thurston, CEO of Outside Interactive. “Jack has appeared on the cover of Outside magazine and can be heard on the Outside Podcast. Our readers love him – not just for his music but also because he’s passionate about sustainability, surfing, and the regenerative powers of nature. This partnership with Jack is a great example of how companies can leverage Web3 technology to better support great artists and get their work to more listeners, viewers, and readers.

“I’m excited to be working with Outside” said Jack Johnson, multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter. “We share a belief in the importance of connecting to nature. I’m also a big fan of their commitment to climate and inclusivity. I’m thrilled that Outside will be supporting non-profits including the Kōkua Hawai’i Foundationwhich we started to support environmental education in Hawaii’i.”

More information about the Bedrock Badge – including a link to claim your own free NFT – are available at Outside.iowhere users can also find a roadmap of future creator collaborations and a whitepaper detailing the company’s Web3 vision.

SmartMedia Technologies continues to democratize Web3 for enterprise and users by making it fast, easy and secure for users to unlock the full potential of Web3 by providing them with a custodial Smart Wallet, interoperable across chains and metaverses.

About is the world’s only marketplace creator dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts. On this platform, fans will discover digital collectibles from the brands and creators they love, each one encoded with real-life benefits that reward users for hiking, cycling, climbing, and other outdoor activities. They’ll also witness Outside’s dedication to diversity and sustainability: We’re giving a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of every NFT back to grassroots nonprofits working to protect the planet and increase participation from historically under-represented communities. Learn more about the vision and roadmap in our detailed whitepaper.

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