Digital Quality in the Metaverse

The metaverse is clearly shaping the next wave of digital experiences – and your users will expect seamless interactions, regardless of the technology or device. That’s why every software company, voice controlled or wearable device developer, retailer, vendor and service provider is looking to deliver metaverse experiences with the same quality and interoperability that users demand from their other digital interactions.

For more than a decade, customers have turned to Applause to help them release high-quality digital experiences with confidence. No matter how experiences and expectations have changed, Applause has consistently been the partner customers trust to help meet their evolving digital quality needs. Our proven testing expertise – which today leverages a community of more than one million digital experts worldwide – helps our customers stay on top of the latest trends and technology shifts, continuing to release the high-quality products their users love and want.

So, while the metaverse is still in its early stages, Applause is ready to be your release partner, to ensure that the quality of your devices and experiences will meet this next wave of customer expectation.

The possibilities are endless in the metaverse – we’ll help you get there:

Build and release your metaverse experiences – faster and more confidently
• Deliver AI and voice experiences that work for everyone, everywhere
• Ensure AR, VR and wearable devices and apps are working as expected
• Validate crypto and other payment processes


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